Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Monkey-Free Zone

Jazzy Creations inspired me to share my crafting space! I think it is really fun to see where people create!

This is my "desk", which is a 6 foot table we purchased from the furniture store here on base. I use the term "we" loosely; it was really me, while the hubby was in Iraq last year! I also purchased myself a nice rolling leather chair! I love it! Very simple but it is perfect for me!

The picture above my desk was given to me for Christmas by my husband. I LOVE the artist, Karyn Young. We also have a beautiful Kimono piece up in our dining room. She is a very talented artist and this collage piece is just perfect for my craft space, don't you think?! :)

This cabinet stores all my stamps! When I start to outgrow it, I sell my older sets off. It keeps me contained somewhat! The closed drawers hold my ever-growing collection of ribbon.

Fun story, I actually won this cabinet last year! It is hand-painted and very eclectic. So not our design style in the house, but I love it for my space!

This holds my SU markers as well as my Copic collection! I just love my Copic markers! Honestly, I would not have so many if we did not live here. They are made in Japan and are much cheaper here than you can find them in the States. I made the marker holder out of a stainless shelf system I got locally, as well as some square plastic containers I found at the 100 yen ("dollar") store.

The Ciao version of the Copic markers do not come with color numbers on the end of the caps. Quite frankly, it was driving me crazy! So, I took my Dymo label maker, made some labels, punched out the numbers with a hole punch and applied it to the end of the markers. Can you say OCD? Are you a fan of the show Friends? My husband calls me Monica. I really don't think I am that bad until I see proof that I spent 4 hours labeling 144 markers...LOL


Rachel said...

Holy cow your room is clean and organized! LOL All labeled and nice! I LOVE that cabinet. The painting on it looks awesome!! And look at the contents! You have a lot of stamps. LOL. And I am completely jealous that you have so many copics. I have been dying for some!!!
Love your space!!

Shannon said...

I love your marker storage! I need to figure out abetter way to store mine so they are more usable for me. Looks like you have everything at your fingertips! Great job!!!

Heather said...

Love your stamp room!! That cabinet is great - and I don't think there is a problem being organized :) I wish my stamp space were that organized!

susan said...

Thanks for showing us your very neat room. Now, I will hang my head in shame because I am so messy, with stuff stashed all over the place! LOL! But now, I have a role model to look up to! It will take me some time until I can be as organized as you. I'm starting with the labeling of the markers first!