Friday, September 5, 2008

Rock Band and the Pop Tart

This morning my son came into my room to wake me up. He laid down for a little cuddle and, in his sweet little 8 year old voice asked, "Mom, when parents get divorced why do the Moms always get the kids?"

"Well," I replied, "they don't always get the kids. Sometimes the Dads do. It just depends on who the judge feels is better equipped to care for the children."

Confidently he stated, "Well then, I know why Moms get the kids."

"Why is that?", I asked.

"Because if Dads had them they would eat junk food and play video games all day!"

Always nice to start your day with a chuckle!! :)


Tegan said...

hahahaha!! that's so cute and very true (from my very feminist perspective haha).
yes, i am only 16~and thanks for your kind comments-they were very sweet.
i love your funky and bright!

Bonnie said...

You made me chuckle. I love visiting your blog for the fun and interesting stories that happen in your life. Keep them coming!