Wednesday, July 8, 2009

CAS-y Masculine and some FUN!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that 2 things really, really challenge me: CAS and Masculine cards.

So, a friend of mine asked me to make a set of note cards for her husband to use. (Can you see the deer in the headlights look from there?!!) She specifically asked for cool tones with regard to the cardstock colors and to "keep it simple" while incorporating her DH's initials.

My, oh my...this one was indeed a challenge!

Here are the 4 samples I made for her.

Card 1: So Saffron Pocket Card

Card 2: Lovely as a Tree Clear Embossed

Card 3: So Saffron Argyle with a touch of ribbon

Card 4: Sanded Blue

Let's play a game!

Post, in order, which ones you think she liked best. A rank of "1" is her most favorite; a rank of "4" is her least favorite! Then, on July 12 I will "award" the person who picked correctly with a prize!

If more than 1 person ranks the cards correctly, I will do a little drawing here. If you are not a crafty gal, please play anyway! I would be happy to send you a little somethin'-somethin' from Japan!

Thanks for stopping by!

ETA: the metal swirl on the pocket card is NOT part of the card! It just a stand I had to lean the card up against to get the picture. :)


Stephanie said...

Now this is a tricky one - how would she rank them....personally I love them all! Your color choices were spot on! And I don't think CAS & Masculine cards challenge you as much as you think :)

Okay, here's my best guess:
1:So Saffron Argyle (maybe because her husband wears lots of arygle socks :) )
2:Lovely as a Tree
3:Sanded Blue
4:So Saffron Pocket Card

thanks for the side note about the stand - I was kinda wondering why you'd add a swirly clip to a masculine card :)

thescrapmaster said...

He he, I have NO IDEA which ones she liked best and least. I bet she liked the pocket card the best but that is all I got!

OH yeah I am so ready for another paper challenge? You ready??? What are the "terms"?

Teresa said...

Here are my guesses:

1: Sanded blue
2: So safron Argyle
3: Lovely as a tree
4: Pocket Card

P.S. I really love them all, but this is how they appealed to me with my hubby in mind.


JazzyH said...

Great masculine card.

peggysue said...

Oh dear, a game, I'm not good at these. I myself like the pocket card best, so here is my vote:

1. Pocket card
2. Sanded blue
3. Lovely as a tree
4. Argyle

Ramona said...

The Monkey Hut! How cute is that! I love your cards too. You got talent! And masculine is always hard. It takes a great imagination to go masculine when creating cards.

Lisa M. said...

I like them ALL!! Pocket card is my favorite too, but this is what I think a guy would choose:

Card 2 Lovely as a Tree
Card 4 Sanded
Card 3 Argyle
Card 1 Pocket

I am curious as to what he does for a living that he uses note cards?! That's cool!

Traci said...

Cute cards! I bet she had a hard time choosing!
I will guess her
1st choice was 1
2nd choice was 3
3rd choice was 2
4the choice was 4.

Gina said...

Well I think you did a great job. Wow, nothing like someone asking you to do something you are confident in and then her picking two!

1 Lovely as a Tree
2 Sanded Blue
3 So Saffron Pocket card
4 So Saffron Argyle

Kay said...

Oaky, I'm in!

2,3,4,1 - I channeled my masculine side, so let's see how I do!

Grace said...

How fun! I personally love them all and the order I'm guessing is only because of her instructions. My guess is:
1.4 Sanded Blue
2.2 Lovely as a Tree
3.1 Pocket
4. Argyle

I'm really sure she loved them all! I do!

laos348 said...

You did both CAS and masculine well here - great job on these!

Ramona said...

Okay here goes.
1. Sanded Blue
2. So Saffron Pocket
3. So Saffron Argyle
4. Lovely as a Tree

All are great cards!

thescrapmaster said...

OK I want to play paper challenge. I will post about it on my blog tomorrow if I remember. I am going to do 100 projects and NO PAPER except what is needed for paper kits and if I need paper for die cuts. Sound good?

I still want my paper ho shirt though! LOL I think I earned it :O)

Have you seen the new mini, OMGosh is it delish!!!

Naomi said...

So, I totally missed the deadline, but I say, 3-4-1-2. They all look nice!

DaDoodleDiva said...

They are all fantastic. I would say:
1. Lovely as a Tree
2. So Saffron Argyle
3. Sanded Blue
4. So Saffron Pocket card