Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And the Winner is...

Sorry for the delay in posting the winner of the masculine/CAS challenge below. I had a heck of a Monday! Do you want to hear about it? You do? I thought so! (I am snickering...)

My day started out by almost stepping in a puddle of liquid on my kitchen floor. As I have 2 dogs, I immediately (and under my breath )blamed it upon one of them with some choice words. As I was grabbing the paper towels **drip** on my head. Oh yes, the roof was leaking! Thankfully the landlord was here in 10 minutes with workers!

Once that was fixed, the dog puked...on the carpet. I have hardwood in 80% of my house. Why, oh why, do my dogs ALWAYS seem to be sick on my rugs?!! Of course, I am out of Spot Shot.

Then today...getting ready to leave the house when I hear a dripping noise. The roof was fixed yesterday...now what? Our AC unit is dripping water ON TOP OF my son's Wii Rock Band drum set. When I went to move the drum set, I noticed it was making a sloshing sound. Oh yes, there was a ton of water INSIDE of the drum set. It was fun taking it outside watching the water stream out of it. (NOT!) At any rate, once again, landlord called, workers immediately here and fixed the AC unit. **sigh** I hope the drum set works. I am not trying to use it until I know it is completely dry. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

So...that is why I could not post until now. :)

Our big winner with all of the cards ranked correctly is:

peggysue said...
Oh dear, a game, I'm not good at these.
I myself like the pocket card best, so here is my vote:

1. Pocket card
2. Sanded blue
3. Lovely as a tree
4. Argyle

July 10, 2009 11:51 AM

Congratulations Peggysue!!! I cannot wait to send you your goodies!!

Thanks to everyone for playing and for "listening" to me rant about my crappy day. I feel better now!


Stephanie said...

you know....when it rains, it pours...sorry, I had to!

It was great how quick they were there to fix the roof, though!

Hope your day gets better!

Grace said...

Congratulations PeggySue! I loved that pocket card too... so glad she loved it too! Sorry you had such a rough day! Some days are just like that! THank goodness your landlord actually show up! Our builder... nowhere to be found! Hope things get better from here!

peggysue said...

First of all I am sorry you had such a rotten day. Not only my dog but my cat too always chooses to grace my area rugs when they throw up, not the tile, not the linoleum in the kitchen, not my hardwood floors . . . the area rug, so I feel your pain.

Secondly I am thrilled that I am going to receive a package from Japan! Wow, thank you so very much!

theneon said...

Hopefully all your "rain" is over for awhile -- just remember that with the rain -- comes the Rainbow. (Thank goodness you have a responsive landlord)

Jill said...

Hey Toots!
Yep I sure will look for some sheet music for you. I haven't been to my favorite antique mall in awhile, so next time I go I will ask around.

Gosh hope the drum set works. Crap, doesn't stuff always fall apart at once.

Oh...bad stuff comes in threes. Your done now!


Naomi said...

Wow, you did have a crappy day! Sounds like something straight out of my life...LOL!!!

Holly said...


I'm so excited for Peggysue! And I'm sorry about your difficult day! How is it that dogs (and even potty-training children in my experience) know exactly where to go that will drive you crazy?!

I left a little award for you on my blog - hope you don't mind. I simply enjoy reading your blog and am glad I've come to know you through the blogging world!

Kay said...

My dog does exactly the same thing! Most of my house is tiled, but he picks the carpet everytime - and if I have just cleaned it, so much the better apparently! It's like they know.........
And yes, you did have quite the day. But remember, Scarlett, tomorrow is another one!

CathyRose said...

Congrats to PeggySue! Sorry you had such a terrible day. It always seems to come at the wrong time. I'm glad it wasn't anything too serious!