Sunday, October 5, 2008

Quirkiness MeMe

Jen tagged me for another fun game! This time I have to list 7 things about myself that are "quirky". LOL For those of you who I only know via cyberspace, please don't let this scare you away! And for those of you who know me...well, this will only reaffirm what my DH so lovingly calls me...his little freak of nature!

1) I have thing about wrapping paper. I really, really enjoy a good quality wrapping paper. You know, like Hallmark. There is something to be said for paper that you cannot see through, does not rip easily, and has nice grid lines on the back so you can cut in a straight line.

I know, you are already scared and we are only on item #1!!

2) I don't mind separating the laundry, putting it in the washer, transferring it to the dryer, and folding it. It is the putting it away in the drawer that kills me. It can sit in the laundry basket all day just staring at me...and I just can't muster the energy to put it away! Of course, since I like a tidy house, it usually drives me crazy to have it sitting it does get put away in a reasonable time frame.

3) I don't like clutter. It drives me crazy! I literally cannot function if my house is a disaster. I have to clean it up before I can sit and watch TV or whatever else. I also clean behind my kids all day. No, not time efficient at all...but mentally good for me! (We have already established the fact that I am a little OCD, as evidenced by my Copic labeling here, so this may not surprise you at all!)

4) I think it is cool that I am resident of State I have never lived in. (No, it is not a state of insanity either!!)

5) I must have a piece of chocolate after I eat lunch or dinner. If I don't, I will slowly wither away to dust...or just become mean! :)

6) I will not take my kids to the doctor unless one of the following conditions exist: a) it is time for a well-child check; b) they are bleeding out; or c) they have broken a limb. Having a nurse for a Mom "who sees sick people all the time" stinks if you want to play sick from school one day! I am sure this will cause them to spend years on the leather couch...

7) I can rationalize any retail purchase I make. DH likes to say that I am "spending like we are about the switch to the Euro and the dollar is going to be worthless". What can I say? It is a gift...

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Jen said...

Good thing we are all a little quirky:)

I am enjoying getting to know everyone!