Monday, June 29, 2009

Queen of the Valley

Tonight as we were on our way to the base for baseball practice, I started to smell something...for lack of a better word...yummy! The smell seemed to get stronger as I opened my window.

Is there a festival around? It smelled like fresh cotton candy.

"What is that smell, Mom?" my son asked disgusted. "It smells like a girl." Ah, in time you will seek out that smell, my little man, like a moth to a flame...but not until you are 30.

At any rate, my daughter, who was dressed in cleats and sweats, with hair in a pony tail started to giggle.

"It's just my lip gloss," she cheerfully exclaimed. "Isn't it divine?"

Oh my. On our way to baseball and she is primping! Agghhh!!!

Fast forward to little moon-beam is playing right field. Between hits (which, admittedly are few and far between...) she is putting on lip gloss! How did she manage to get that on the field?!

On the drive home, we talked about each of the kids' shining moments at practice as well as the areas to help us grow. My daughter tends to stand there and let the other kids get the ball rather than run after it herself.

"Sweetie, you need to run after the ball. It is not going to come directly to you. Run after it! You own the right field", I encouraged her.

"Oh, like I am Queen of the Right Field Valley!" she exclaimed.

Yes... little shining-cotton-candy-lip-gloss-Queen, like you are the Queen of Right Field.

**sigh** Well, I guess this is a step up from the dandelion bouquets I used to receive during soccer season.


peggysue said...

I had dandelion pickers in soccer too . . . forget about the game, the ball. Lip gloss on the field, sounds like a girl after my youngest daughter's mold. :)

Stephanie said...

I just giggled at this story. Reminds me of the note the gym teacher sent my mom about me wearing dresses/skirts on gym days - I refused to wear anything else! Long live the Queen of the Right Field Valley :)

Anonymous said...

This post really made me smile. My oldest daughter used to look for four leaf clovers when she was out in right field. Totiana had to wear lipgloss to soccer this year so the trend is repeating with my younger girls. Too funny.

Louise Forsyth said...

Well certainly sounds like you have a real girly girl on your hands! I love her new "Title" Sounds like a movie!

Lisa M. said...

Oh, I LOVED this story!!! Cotton candy lip gloss rocks! :)

Sankari W. said...

Your writing style is just hilarious!! Seriously cracking up over the line " time you will seek out that smell!!!" ha!!! love the way you described this little snippet of life! ITs crazy how quickly they start to just shoot up into little adults! Sending you. your Queen of the Right Field Valley and your family lots of love!

kat9 said... are so special. This is a cute story. Thanks for sharing. I love kids and wish I had a few myself.

jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, what a precious story Siobhan! I can totally see it because I have a 5 yr. old who would be doing the exact same thing! You're a great storyteller too :)

CathyRose said...

Such a cute story! Sounds like a scrapbook page waiting to happen!

Gina said...

Ok thanks for making my day, that is the funniest/ sweetest story!

laos348 said...

Super sweet story!!

Naomi said...

This is the best story EVER!!! My girls will be that age soon, and I have so much to look forward to!