Friday, November 14, 2008

Paper Addict

Samantha blogged about her addiction to paper. I know...she admitted it...on a public forum even! Then she challenged others to come out in the open and admit it. I had to quickly shut down my computer for fear I would get struck by lightning when I thought words:

Surely I am not a paper addict!

Then my eyes shifted slightly to the left...
and then by my feet...

and then to the filing cabinet... ...and to areas that will remain unphotographed, as the reality just plain horrifying at this point!

OK, so I love paper! It is so pretty and has so many possibilities!! Unfortunately for this military spouse, it also weighs A LOT, so I really should not collect as I do! (We pretty much max our allowable weight every time we move!)

When we came to Japan, I fit all of my scrapbooking paper and supplies in the Crop in Style XXL. I am really not sure what happened. My theory is that paper reproduces like rabbits. Are you buying it? :)

What really happened (and I can justify any purchase!) is that because we don't have scrapbooking stores here, I started to hoard. There you go. I admitted it. **sigh** It was all my doing. But paper is SO PRETTY!

So, Samantha challenged us to a No Buying Paper Challenge. Eekkk! I know I need to do it, so here are my conditions:
1) I will not buy any designer paper for my remaining time in Japan
2) The exception to the aforementioned rule is if SU has a sale on paper, then all bets are off! Additionally, I am in a "club" and I may need to buy paper to meet my monthly minimums. I will buy all the embellishments on my list prior to buying any new paper, though.

3) SU cardstock is not a part of this challenge. I use this as the base for my projects so it does not really "count"! But I will only buy it one color pack at a time as to not hoard one particular color (like chocolate chip!)

Are you up for the challenge? If so, go to Samantha's blog to sign up! Come on, it will be FUN!


fishlips said...

Ok you can do it too... What a neat collection though... I'm a ribbon nut... Us Girls do love our stuff...Buying is almost as much fun as playing !!!!

thescrapmaster said...

LMBO, when I read that I made my fiance come over and read it because you are the best storyteller! The rest of the time you are there!!?? When are you leaving again? I am proud of you for taking the leap with me. It is might frightening to think of no more paper. I too think it multiplies like bunnies :)


Anonymous said...

Hmm...I'm sorry for you paper hoarders. How aweful for you. Thank goodness I"M NOT a paper hoarder!...or am I.....gotta go


I need to take a picture of all my paper but there is a lot of mess between me and the paper. I have been good about only buying stampin up dsp lately though. That doesn't count does it since I'm just supporting my business, does it? Or supporting my habit? Hmmmm.....

CathyRose said...

Oh my, why did you have to bring this up? Yes, I am a paper addict too.

gale said...

I'm an addict. I'll take a pic of mine soon.

Sankari W. said...

ummmm.... i am a TOTAL paper addict too...and i didn't even really realize it till i read your blog... totally started laughing and looking around me.... i have so much - but still feel like i don't have much!! what's up with that!!!???!!!

i like your bunny theory - that's what i am going to tell my husband!!!

ok - i might have to take this plunge with ya'll!!!

best wishes, Sankari :)

Becki B aka queenoe said...

Welcome to the club Mama Monkey!! Paper Hoarders UNITE!!! I must admit I don't have THAT much PAPER. Does Cardstock count? If so I am in deep, deep doo doo. I promise not to buy more DP until I use at least 10 sheets, how's that?

Rachel said...

OMG the posts so far have been hilarious! Especially scrappinmominky's!!! ROFL!!

I have a shload of paper! My piles look like yours! I have it everywhere! It's sad that I've had it for more than 4 years when I was heavily into scrapbooking! Now I am into card-making and I don't use my pattern paper anymore! Some of it is actually dusty!

So I think I can now say that I am a recovering paper addict! LOL