Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Monkey Family

DH and I have always called our kids "monkeys". It started with our first born and has ceremoniously continued.

In fact, DH likes to play a game where he hugs our kids, does not let them go, and then is a very deep voice announces "You can't get out of the Monkey Hut!" (Hence the blog name.)

Of course, the game is to get out of the Hut, which they always do...and come back for more!

So, the third child arrived and we started calling her by her nickname, which just so happens to rhyme with "monkey", so it became the norm to call her ____-monkey. Even her siblings do it.

Today I went to pick her up at preschool and the teacher told me they had an inspection today. The inspector asked my daughter what her name was and she proudly announced "____-monkey"!! In fact, the teacher could not get my daughter to say her real name! Of course, I was laughing inside, but I had to put on my game face and say "Oh, thank you! We will work on that at home!"

I must go now and try to convince my 3 year old she is not really named ___-monkey. This is going to be difficult, almost like trying to reintegrate a child raised by wolves, but in this case a group of monkeys. Did I mention she is 3 years old and stubborn as all get out?


Pickle's Mom said...

Too funny! It's hard to change their minds when they think something is right, like their name! No matter how many nicknames I have had for Pickle, he still tells me no, I'm just_____, we even went through a rough phase where the kids thought it was funny to tease him, and he would get all upset! Yours on the other hand believes the nickname is real!Loving it!

fishlips said...

Funny ,funny, Monkey is a great name...When my daughter was in the second grade everything she saw she just had to have, so I would simply say nope we were poor, Im such a bad mom ,boy did that ever come back to bite me, They were having a field trip and I was going but it was going to cost 6 dollars so her teacher stated, my Daughter had to raise her hand and tell them we could not go because were were poor... Us parents can do the strangest things...

CathyRose said...

Very cute story! My niece did the same thing. Her mom and dad called her Honey all the time. Honey this, honey that. So when people asked her name she said "Honey Dalphonse" Her name actually was Helen. Kids are so much fun!