Thursday, October 9, 2008

And More Pages

I know you don't believe me, but I do actually make more cards than I do scrapbook pages! It just so happens I have enough cards to make it through the month with Pen Pals, birthdays, and other odds and ends, so I am concentrating on my neglected books. :)

This page was of my son opening his birthday gifts from our family. I used the next page in my layout to guide the design and flow of this page. (I know, I is that flow issue I have).

Paper: Reminisce Genuine Stripes, Karen Foster Navy, We R Memory Keepers Marigold, CTMH Ivory
Accessories: Cricut George for the stars, Street Sign font

Paper: Reminisce Genuine Boy, CTMH Ivory

Accessories: Cricut George for the Stars, Opposites Attract font

It was also fun to use this paper, as it brought back great memories! I purchased this paper while on a trip to Omaha a year ago. In fact, I got it at Mangelsons, which was the best store ever! Oh my gosh, how did I miss that place when I was in college? I mean, really...I lived in that town for 4 years and I had never set foot in there! They had all of their Halloween stuff out...holy smokes; every costume under the sun! Their craft section rocked...picked up some Webkins for the kids...I could have stayed there all day!

To digress further, I had not been back to Omaha since 1994...Elkhorn used to be the end of the Earth and now it is a suburb of Omaha. Oh my gosh! It was shocking...not because I did not expect the city to grow, but it was just so different! Thankfully, one thing the stayed the same: my favorite place, The Garden Cafe, still has one little restaurant left...and I enjoyed the best breakfast, complete with a yummy muffin! Thanks Tonya for driving my rear around all day! I had so much fun!


Rachel Brumley said...

Nice layout on the scrapbook pages. I also enjoyed your tour. It reminds me of my home in California where their would be a housing development and then right next door would be the fields. Except we grew strawberries - no mj!

Anonymous said...

Great pages. I love the stars. I need to get back to scrapping. I've been very neglectful lately.

Thanks for the tour. It looks a lot like it does here. Well, maybe not here in Kentucky, but here in the states. How long will you be in Japan?

My kids will be sending more happy mail to yours soon. They have the card fronts done, now they need to actually write something in the cards.


fishlips said...

Wow very nice layouts, love all the colors and the stars. The Tour was really really neat thanks for sharing!!!!

rachelsigmak said...


CathyRose said...

I love seeing the pages and the cards. My blog is about 50-50. Lucky you to be caught up on your cards for the month! You do such a nice job on everything!

thescrapmaster said...

Very pretty pages!

gale said...

Very nice pages. I love that birthday page. I am so glad I don't have that flow issue! lol.

Heather said...

Your layouts are wonderful! Your pictures of Japan does not look too much different from the States!

Louise, that's me!! said...

Great layouts!!!
i love the stars on the bottom one.
I have left something else for you on my blog... see how much I love

Jen said...

How funny! I am from the Omaha area. Oh, and I used to hit the Garden Cafe as much as humanly possible - loved the potato casseroles and huge muffins.

Belita said...

This is great info to know.