Friday, September 5, 2008

Trying to Type...

...with a 3 year old next to you is challenging, at best! (LOL...I just misspelled that to say "challenging at beast", which also would have been completely appropriate!)

Sorry I have been MIA...wipe the tears from your eyes...I am baaaack! LOL Seriously though, this week was a BEAR...a big grizzly with some wicked teeth.

To start, I had an "I just want to go home" type of week. (BTW, this is a whine section, so grab your cheese, or you can skip over it and get to the good stuff!) I love Japan a lot...really I do, just sometimes I miss home. I miss choices. I miss Target. And maybe even Wal Mart, if I am really, really homesick! So, just that kinda of a week.

On the bright side, my "baby" started preschool and LOVES it! Guess what? She stays dry at school and asks to use the bathroom while she is there. As soon as she comes home however, bathroom amnesia sets in. Maybe she can go live at Miss Tanya's for a while and come home potty trained. You know, like those places that offer in-their-home obedience training for dogs?

Last night I had to make 16 invites for a Japanese-American friendship group I belong to. My friend requested Pink/Black/White and she stated she liked polka dots and floral. What do you think?? You know I just had to use my Bellas!

In my spare time today (LOL) I "got" to bake 20 cakes! Our base hosts an annual airshow and the Japanese like to purchase American cakes, so base organizations sell them at food booths for fundraisers. The worst part of having to bake today...the smell! It was horrible to have the kids come home to a house pungent with the scent of freshly bake cake and have to say in my best evah Seinfeld Soup Nazi voice "sorry, no cake for you!"

Note to time, purchase an extra cake mix for the kids! And I guess their Mom, too!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


JAR said...

Very cute card - love the pink!

Jess said...

Love the Bella card! Polka dots are fantastic!

Heather said...

I love this card! The polka dots look fantastic!