Monday, August 11, 2008

The Usual Suspect

The Victims:
A Bag of Trail Mix...a little nutty, but sweet, too. Note the band-aids nearby. It appears there was an attempt to cover up the crime.

Curtains...sheer, but not completely transparent.

Hair...most certainly human, not canine (no picture available). A grossly disfigured to show here.

The Weapon:
Found on scene. A stool was on the floor close by. It appears as if the perp was around 3 feet tall.

The Suspect:
Found hiding behind the couch/end table.

The Investigation:
When questioned, eye witnesses to the crime stated the 3 year old suspect used the stool to gain access to the forbidden zone (Mom's Pen & Pencil cup), which contained the weapon. The 6 year old eye witness stated after the suspect disfigured the Trail Mix and Sheers, she "asked" to have her hair cut, of which the eye witness obliged. (Oh my...thank goodness you can't tell)

The Trial:
An immediate court appearance was called. The defendant was sentenced to loss of one Barbie and a firm lecture from Mom. The 6 year old eye witness was granted leniency for telling the truth, but was sentenced to 1 week scissor probation.

Please, please let school start soon....please.... :)


MooseStamps said...

OMG! You have a blog! That's so cool! I happened upon it by checking out the latest in your awesome SCS Gallery... Congrats on being PUBLISHED (got issue, need autograph) and your blog! BTW, love your "CSI-Misawa" episode... Sushi hugs!

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

ACK! A 3 yr old and a pair of scissors on the loose? OH NO! Love the interrogation report of how it all unfolded! lol! I'm sure it will make for one terrific scrapbook layout!

Anonymous said...

I remember when one of my younger sisters got hold of the scissors, we couldn't find her. We looked and looked. She had hid between the washer and dryer! And she had deplorably cut her hair! Funny thing is, when she got older, she became a hairdresser! Now she's a dental assistant!