Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tinkle Little Star

My 3 year old is apparently allergic to the potty...

The aforementioned "allergy", we will call "potty resistancitis", only manifested after we went to Hiroshima for Spring break. See, culturally it is considered "rude" bathroom behavior here for other women to hear you tinkle in the ladies room. To remedy that situation, some of the pottys have music that plays when you sit down. (Incidentally, they also have a seat warmer which rocks in the winter!)

To be honest, we had not experienced a potty that serenaded you! Really, we have lived here for 2 years and *nada* when the toilet started in with a peaceful, albeit rather loud,-water-going-though-the-stream tune, it kinda of startled me as well. Well, my darling daughter freaked out.

I tried to sing Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Star (yes, is a potty song) over the sound of the flood water tune they had going to no avail. The damage was done. Or maybe it was just my singing...

It was the beginning of the end, really. So, here we are. 3 years, 1 month old...and she could care less about the potty. I wonder if she is just trying to get back at it for scaring her...or me for exposing her to my rendition of what William Hung must sound like singing children's songs.

Bottom line (no pun intended): in order to attend preschool, one must be fully potty trained. No pull ups. Ugh.

Well, I met a lady that just moved here...who teaches preschool in her home...and guess what? She will take her in Pull Ups! Oh My Gosh! I know, good times! Oh, and of course I am thrilled because she will get a good education as well! (I had to throw that in there so you don't think I am just trying to dump my kid off for a few hours a week...I would never mean that...not buying it, huh?)

And guess what else happened? The other kids' bus passes arrived today! It is official! I will have some "free time" this year!

T minus 3 days until school starts!


The Altobello's said...

I'm LOVIN' your dang cute!

Kittykat said...

Like poota said you really need to write a book. LOL I'd buy it! LOL

Great storys Mama Monkey.



Karen said...

I can totally picture my own daughter freaking out over the musical potty! We also had a very traumatizing experience with one of those automatic-flush toilets. I want to hunt down the evil person who invented those!