Saturday, August 16, 2008

Battle Plans

My dear son came squealing into my little piece of heaven and solitude (aka the craft room) tonight.

"[my sister] just pulled my hair out! She pulled it out! I could hear it coming out of my head!"

Of course, right behind him comes his sister, protesting his comments. "No, no...well he did it this" and proceeds to show me exactly "how" her brother grabbed a handful of hair and pulled it. (Not genius, I know...but she did not actually hurt herself!)

"Did you pull her hair first?", I asked.

"Well yeah, but it was a surprise attack, Mom", he replied as serious as could be, while clearly emphasizing the words surprise attack, as if they were the instrumental part of the battle plan.

Well then, if it was a surprise attack...carry on!

T minus 9 days until school starts...

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