Monday, June 20, 2011

Chariots of Purple Fire

Today is the big day...the day I have been both dreading and enthusiastically waiting for!

The whole 'relay' concept of Amber Ink's Th{ink} Tank is so unique! It certainly keeps the inspiration fresh and new...and just might capture a card maker {or two} who had yet to play with all the digi world had to offer.

Yes, I was speaking about myself...and it is only two people if you are not wearing your glasses or had one too many margaritas. :)

I can't thank Jane enough for passing the purple torch on to me! It was such an honor! And now I get to pass that purple light on to another gal who I know will make some amazingly inspiring projects and keep that light shining bright! She is a colorer extraordinaire and is so crazy talented!

So, CAMMI, it is all yours! Shine bright, find your stride, and catch a good tail wind, my friend! I am so excited to pass my torch on to you!!

And here are the other amazing artists that are catching the fire and roasting a s'more today...(or maybe just eating the Hershey's chocolate, which quite frankly, is the best can you blame them?!)


Pam said...

Ah hec, you better not run too far away Siobhan! Not while there are margaritas and marshmallows left. You have been an inspiration to us the entire month. We'll miss you.

Donna Heber said...


You did a wonderful job carrying the torch!

tania said...

What fantastic cards!

tania said...

Terrific cards!