Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tokyo Craft and Hobby Show

All I have to say is WOW. 3 days and I could have used another!

The show is encompassing of several crafts, from cooking to welding to sewing, it was there...with a make and take! Some of our favorite vendors were represented, as well as some new ones to me!

Here is a peek at the show:

The cooking section had numerous booths, the most represented was sushi making classes. This was my favorite display...Obama Sushi Rolls! Now that is talent!

The Welding booth...can you image welding make and takes?! Seriously, this would not happen in the US without signing your life away in waivers! (They also had band saw make and takes!)

The Japanese love making artificial food art. Here is a sample of artificial food made out of wool! It looks real, but only moths would enjoy it!

These dogs are made completely out of paper!

This is only a fraction of the ribbon that was in one booth alone...isn't it lovely?

And finally, as if the Mother Ship were calling me home...there was an area just for BLING:

I have concluded that I do not have a problem with my bling addiction, as I have yet to sparkle up my children's toys! Seriously, that is a mini-motorcycle for a child. I know...it is fabulous, isn't it?! :)


Luv2Cr8Art said...

Pretty Cool. :) So what did you buy??

Grace said...

Wow! That show looks like a ton of fun! A welding make and take??? My DH would love that one since he's a welding engineer! LOL! Love all that bling too! Glad you had fun!

Lisa M. said...

Wow...just Wow....Bling Heaven!

Um, you forgot to tell us about the stamping and scrapbooking part!!!! LOL!

Glad you had a good time! :)

laos348 said...

That looks like it was incredible!! Yes, what did you buy???

Saved By Grace said...

Wow how incredible...sounds like it was really a terrific show. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

DaDoodleDiva said...

What a great show! Looks like you had a great time and never a dull moment. Love the Bling Heaven.

JazzyH said...

WOW! What did you buy???

thescrapmaster said...

It looks like a bunch of fun! I am glad you had a great time.

Naomi said...

What a fun place!!! All the ribbon, just makes me feel all mushy just thinking of it! The dogs made out of paper are adorable! The wood food looks kind of neat, too.

Kay said...

Ooohhh, lots of pretty stuff. LOVE the look of that ribbon... I see those little ribbon flowers that I adore.
I think you were very restrained with your purchases, I'm sure I would have fallen much harder!
Thanks for sharing

gale said...

OMG Hello Kitty and bling all together?? I would have gone nuts (and broke).

CathyRose said...

Oh that looks like such fun! I would love to attend a show like that!