Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More ATG Information

I have had several questions arise based on my ATG comparison, so I wanted to take a moment to address them:

If I am right handed, will I like the ATG 50?
Rest assured, you will like it! I own the ATG 50 and I am right handed. Until I used my friend's 714 for the comparison, I did not know about the difference in where the tape sits on the roller. Honestly, you get used to your product. I do think based on where the tape rolls you are able to get more precise with the 714, so if you like to apply tape right to the edge of something, you might consider spending the extra money for the 714. If you just want tape within a 1/4 inch or so, the ATG 50 will be fine. There is no real learning curve with the use of this product. One card and you will be good to go...and wonder how you survived without it!

Can the ATG 50 hold 1/2" tape?
Yes, the ATG 50 can be used for 1/4" and 1/2" tape, and I am pretty sure larger, but I am not sure a crafter would use anything bigger than that. You can even change the roll mid-way if you like. Just note that if you take a roll out when it not completely used, you will not have the leader to thread it back through when you re-load that size. This is not a big deal at all, but it would "waste" about 10" of tape.

The ATG 714 (red gun) is only for 1/4" tape, but you could get the ATG 700 (yellow gun) and run 1/2" tape with that. It has an optional adapter you can purchase to use 1/4" tape with it.

What size tape do you prefer?
I like the 1/4". If I need wider, I can just lay down another line next to the first one. :)

Are the ATG's Cost Effective?
YES!!! (I am jumping up and down as I write that as well; can you see me?!) I checked prices this AM and for one roll of ATG-7502 tape, which is the 1/4", it is $1.95. That is for 108 feet of tape!

For comparison, the SU SNAIL adhesive refill is 39.3 feet and sells for $4.50. You are getting 69 more feet of tape for less than 1/2 the price.

Scotch 1/2" double sided tape is $4.08 for 75 feet. Again, you get a ton more tape for less cost.

The initial investment of the gun pays off after a few refills!

Bottom line: You "need" a gun! Just pick one and go for it! :)


Elizabeth said...

I have the 714 and don't know what I ever did without it.

Stephanie said...

Siobhan - You are SO right!!! I finally ordered my ATG (a 714), and all I have to say is, Why did I wait so long!!! I love it - very easy to use, and the size doesn't bother me at all!!

Dawn said...

I love my ATG... i think it is a different model... but I save a ton of cash with this! more money for stamps!!!

CathyRose said...

I am so happy my my ATG! I have a bag full of refill and I am all set for a long while!

thescrapmaster said...

Oh you are a nasty enabler! I didn't even think about the left handed thing and I am a lefty. Well I have 2 more snail refills and I think I will be taking the plunge thanks to you! LOL

Kay said...

I have always been intimidated by these things - they look so huge and unweildy that I can't imagine ever using once successfully. Seems as though I am in the minority here though...

Sankari W. said...

This is soooo good to read - I have always been so nervous to get one because they are sooo big - but after reading this - I might have to go for it!!

Thanks so much Siobhan ! You are awesome!!!

Happy First day of Spring!!!

Best wishes,
Sankari :)

jennifer said...

Ugh, I still haven't purchased mine. I definitely want one!!

Mary said...

Thanks for the great info.
I just ordered the ATG 714 gun through Crop & Stick (great recommendation) and am now confused about tape. I need to order tape, but am unsure about what brand to buy. The gun comes with a roll of 3m 987 1/4" x 60'. I will be using the tape gun for scrapbooking as well as paper crafts. Any insight?

The Mama Monkey said...

Mary, in case you come back to check the comments, here is my answer. :) Right now, I would recommend the tape they sent you from Crop and Stick; it seems to work great and is cost-effective. Additionally, the Tape Depot's 7502 1/4" 12 roll sub-pack is a great buy and works well!

Grace said...

Thanks so much for all the info you have given on this subject! I still haven't made the leap but you have convinced me I need to! Now one more thing I MUST have!!!

Diane said...

OK, I'm one of the skeptics. One can't argue the price difference I suppose, but it looks HUGE! I have a couple gals who are regulars in my class who bring them. I watch very, very carefully. Sometimes I feel like I need to rush over to grab them before their gun pulls them off the table! I just zip and zap with my little bitty runner...

But, hey...it looks like experience is speaking here. Maybe if I could hold one in my hand for awhile...and if I didn't topple over, I might be convinced.

thescrapmaster said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the card!!!! You made me cry, but it was a good cry :O) Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

Where do you find the ATG 50. I have found the 700 & 714 but not the 50. I like the idea of being able to use both the 1/4 & 1/2" sizes on one gun.

Thanks so much,

The Mama Monkey said...


One place to get the ATG 50 is thetapedepot.com

You can also find it on eBay!

Happy shopping!