Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lost My Mind...SBG Challenge

Somehow I forgot to mention the Warm Hugs card posted below was based upon a card challenge for my blogger group!

Gale hosted the challenge this time and we were instructed to use a magazine page she posted as our inspiration! Since the theme was "winter", I knew I wanted to use my snowbunny! I started off trying to keep with a blue theme, as on the magazine page, but I could not get the DSP to work as I liked.

Thanks for all the kind words people have posted on my card. :) It does make one feel good, especially since the mojo was gone!

I will have more cards to post this week...I was busy this weekend! Our town had a MAJOR water outage. A huge water pipe broke, thus thousands of people were without water. Quite frankly, this reminded me why I despise camping! ;) At any rate, we did not stray far from home, being no one could shower for days...oh the joy!


Anonymous said...

Great card. REally cute and way to meet the challenge. Sorry to hear you've been having so many problems in your town.

Take care and be careful. Have a great January.

Traci said...

Sounds like you had a rough time. Hopefully you had drinking water?
We recently moved into the country and have well water and that has become my biggest winter fear. No electricity........NO WATER!

gale said...

Bummer about the outage. We lost power recently (and thus lost water) for almost 24 hours and it was the pits. We ended up in a hotel. I cannot be without water for that long. I, too, am not a lover of camping! Give me a house with electricity and water and plenty of appliances I'm fine. lol. Love the card!!

Anonymous said...

The trivia cards were to celebrate trivia day. I love to send cards for odd holidays that no one has heard of.

jennifer said...

Oh, yes, I see that this card fits the challenge- great interpretation!
That's terrible about the water, not fun!

LIsa M. said...

New meaning for the name Smellabella, eh? What a bummer, Dude! Hope you're as fresh as a daisy now.

Don't have a clue as to why you thought you'd lost your mojo..this card is really, really cute!! The embossing, vellum sentiment, snowflakes....all groove really well! Not to mention how adorable Snow Bunnyabella is! You still got it, girlfriend! :)

Rachel Brumley said...

Just wanted to tell you your card is adorable!

Sorry about the problem with the water line.

thescrapmaster said...

I am sorry you guys are out of water! That stinks (literally I bet, LOL)

Your package was mailed out today :) I hope you enjoy it.