Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Evil Facebook and Sheer Genius

I discovered Facebook 3 nights ago.

I know what you are thinking...something like "Hello! Welcome to the 21st Century!" It's OK. I know.

I have had several persistent friends finally whine just enough so that my Facebook resistance was annihilated. **sigh**

It is because of that evil discovery I don't have one craft project to show you today. Not one. Every minute of my life has been spent reconnecting with people. I woke up this morning to 72 new emails in my inbox. My household chores are not getting done, I have not seen my kids in days, we are eating TV dinners! (OK, that was all an exaggeration, but you get my point!)

With all that said, I think it is my new guilty pleasure! I love that I am able to reconnect with my college buddies and people I have met over the years!

Facebook is genius! Now, just to find a happy medium!

So, in a rare moment I was not glued to the computer, I witnessed sheer genius from my 6 year old daughter.

"Ouch!" my almost 9 year old son exclaimed, hobbling over the couch.

"What happened", I tentatively inquired, hoping he did not do anything to cause a trip to the ER. Murphy's Law would have dictated that, as my DH is out of town and we are having a nice blizzard. A trip out with 3 kids, crappy roads and I am sure a mere 2-3 hour wait in the ER would have been the excitement we were looking for today!

"I hurt my leg," he cried, a bit too melodramatically. The tone was indicative of the one all men use when they have any sort of mild ailment and are "dying".

My daughter, a wanna-be nurse, doctor, or veterinarian (depending on the moon) immediately tended to him.

"Here," she said, "this will help". She then proceeded to pop him in the head with her paperback book.

"What did you hit him for?" I immediately inquired.

"Well, if his head hurts then he will forget all about his leg."

Ah, I see a wonderful future in the caring professions. Hey, at least it would be better than a hobo.


Suzi said...

Your kids are too funny. Mine are in teenagers & almost nothing they say is funny anymore.

Isn't facebook addicting!! Angie calls it crackbook. My hubby is NOT please I discovered it. He had a hard enough time draggin me off the computer to do housework BEFORE!!! I think the teenagers need to learn MORE house work. Oh, and cooking too!!! They can bring me my dinner at the computer. Sounds like a plan!!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Too funny. I love facebook too. I've reconnected with a bunch of people from High school.

Louise Forsyth said...

Much better than a
Hope you are gonna hook me up on facebook!

Traci said...

Too funny! Glad it was nothing requiring a ER visit!

Jess In Japan said...

Oh.. I love the comments kids come up with. Too funny!!!!!

CathyRose said...

Oh my, you are in trouble now! Facebook is addicting, for sure. I am hooked on the bowling game, and of all things, "Tossing Possums", lol! You have just scratched the surface. Laughing at you kids, they are so cute and you never know what they will say.

Becki B said...

Oh my goodness Mama Monkey, your kids definitely take after you. That is toooooo funny.

Heather said...

That is too funny! I am seriously laughing out loud!

gale said...

LOL! She sounds like my dad.

Dawn said...

That is the funniest thing!!! I love your daughters thought process!

Rachel Brumley said...

This was too funny! What an adorable girl you have and I totally agree with you regarding "male" comments and their ailments!

I'm also on Facebook and I know that you can spend too much time on it!

Mama Schroeg said...

*laughing* Oh that was great! Like daughter, like mother? LOL!! Can't wait to see what come up next. Love your blog!

thescrapmaster said...

LMBO! You are so funny!! I had to break my FB habit and now I just occasionally check it out.


jennifer said...

So funny!! I've been thinking about signing up too but haven't because of just that!