Saturday, December 20, 2008

All I Want for Christmas

About 3 weeks ago my Golden Retriever, Sami, was going crazy over by her food bowls. Now I know what you are thinking...define crazy. Contrary to what you are probably thinking, she did not put on a grass skirt, grab a lei and ukulele and start singing, rather she was obsessed with watching the wall and pawing at it.

Yes, I was thinking the same thing you are...there is a mouse in there!

Thankfully we never once saw little poopies or other evidence that is mouse ever set foot on the interior of my house. When a week went by and my Golden finally stopped her obsession with my wall, I thought perhaps Miss Mouse went to find another warm place to hunker down for the winter.

Last week I noticed a lingering unpleasant odor. Humm...sometimes Japan does kind of smell funny, but nope, this was different. Oh my word...I bet Miss Mouse died in my wall!

So, on Wed I phoned our landlord who honestly thought I was off my rocker. The conversation kind of went like this...
Hi! I am pretty sure there is a dead mouse in my wall. No, no...never saw the mouse alive, but I am pretty sure I had one because of my dog. Well, I know this is strange, but you need to come out here to look.

She shows up and claims to not smell it. By Thursday I was about to die. DH says I have a "dog nose"...I can smell things a mile away. At first I thought it was just his excuse to claim he did not know a kid had a poopy diaper, but now I do think I just might have super-human sniffing ability. Honestly though, I think this thing could wake the dead.

At any rate, after many calls and threats to move out of the house, they came out and literally tore out 2 sections of my wall. Thankfully they did find a nest and poopy...but no mouse. Where is that dang thing???

They removed the insulation and were going to see if that helped. Maybe it buried itself in the layers. Ummm...NOPE! I am sure it is still there.

It is Sunday here and I have to wait until tomorrow to call them again. We have company coming out for Christmas. Our tree is near the stench.

All I want for Christmas is an exterminator!


jennifer said...

Oh noooo! That's terrible. I sympathize because I feel like I always smell things when my husband doesn't! It's frustrating.
Well, hopefully they can take care of it before your company arrives-good luck!!!

Tessa said...

Oh no ew! We have had mice - hazards of a 100 year old house! But we got a cat and she is the BEST solution to them!

Jen said...

Ew! I feel completely sympathetic for you...I always notice smells in our house before anyone else does. I hope it all gets resolved quickly!

Becki B aka queenoe said...

OMG!! You are too hysterical, that explanation about your dog and the hula skirt and ukelele had me ROFL!! Thanks for the funnies, sorry about you're problem. You and my DH. He has the same type of nose and gets mad at me for not smelling things like he does.

gale said...

I read your update-glad you found the culprit. I too have a superhuman sense of smell. Great when something smells good but paired with my tendency for migraines, bad when something stinks. We have a wall in our house that the mice seem to get trapped in a lot. They can't get out and they die in there and it stinks to high heaven. It is horrible. I burn a ton of candles and don't cook much until the things quit stinking. It honestly freaks me out to no end not only having mice in the house (what I get for living on a farm) but imagining the dead mice in that wall. UGH!! Anyway I can sympathize.

Naomi said...

Hahaha! I have super human smell as well. My husband jokes about it all the time. I can walk into the foyer where the kids hall branches off and stand there and tell you if the baby has a dirty diaper at nap time, and I have never been wrong!