Monday, November 10, 2008

Quotes from an 8 Year Old

School has now been out for the past 6 days. Oh yes, I can "feel" it. The fighting actually started on day one...I knew it would be a long week. And let's not even get into why the kids have so many days off; it is almost comical.

At any rate, my son and 6 year old daughter were playing a game. I think it was Guess Who...when my daughter started to cry.

My son pops out with this statement:

"Just because you are losing doesn't mean you can cry."

Oh yes, yes it does, son. "We" can cry whenever "we" want. So there!

And I was just reminded that he is technically 8 and a half...not just 8! Thanks for the clarification. Now I need a is not possible that my oldest is that old. **sniff**


thescrapmaster said...

HA! My fiance and I both laughed. What a cutie pie!

Yes, you can set your own paper challenge rules! We are definitely addicted! so funny, we can't commit 100% because what about the sale?!! LOL. I was a little embarrassed to even post those photos but I knew others would be with me in the paper addiction. How many projects is your challenge going to be for?


jennifer said...

Oh boy, sounds like you've got your hands full this week! That is crazy that they have so much time off. I feel like I remember you saying they were on a school break just recently! Great quote...boys have a lot to learn:)

fishlips said...

This is just to Funny...Hang in there Mom....

theneon said...

Ahhh, enjoy those moments. My oldest is older than she admits -- my youngest is no longer counting either but I think he is "around 31"! Lived through four children and proud of it! Now on to the fun with grand kids!

gale said...

Awww how cute! LOL. They grow up so fast. :(