Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now I have the Last Laugh!

A few weeks ago, I won some Blog Candy from Jane!

I had the pleasure of "meeting" Jane on SCS; ironically enough, she lives where I grew up! Additionally, she is a SUPER talented stamper, so go check out her blog! Her projects are absolutely amazing!!! And she has an adorable family as well. :)

So, my "candy" arrived today! Much to my surprise, there was crafty well as REAL candy!! No kidding, Jane sent me See's Candy! An entire box of Scotchmallows!

I is my second chance!

Luckily, DH was not home when I opened my box! I promptly opened the candy box, got rid of the identifying black and white houndstooth paper (I actually took the trash right out to the curb!), tried one (because again, it was long trip over...had to make sure they were still good!), and HID the box.

Oh, this time I hid it well! I do learn from my mistakes, friends!

I just hope I don't get caught with chocolate on my mouth...


Now who has the last laugh? Muhahaha!


Anonymous said...

Sounds great and what great blog candy.

Lucky you for winning the Girl Power. I've been trying but it is either way to expensive or I just don't win. Oh well, someday I'll get it.


thescrapmaster said...

LOL that is great she put in real candy! Those look so good! That is too cute that you hid them. Your other candy looks almost good enough to eat as well!


fishlips said...

Congratulations,,, everything looks so great, yum yum yummy on the candy it's making my mouth water!!!

Heather said...

Great blog candy! Have fun playing and eating!

Sankari W. said...

that is awesome that you have a second chance with that See's candy (make sure your DH isn't reading your blog!!! - otherwise he is going to go scotchmallow hunting!!!!) can't wait to see what you create with your goodies!!!)

theneon said...

Wipe that chocolate smile off your face! You've been busy, as usual. I've left you an award on my blog. Cheers! Martha Kay

gale said...

Wow what a great haul!

Becki B said...

Oh my goodness Mama Monkey, you THREW the wrapper away. What is wrong with you? Haven't I taught you that you need to SAVE it to make a thank you card? LOL!

Thanks for the inspiration. I will try to make a black and blue card tomorrow, maybe get me out of my funk, maybe win some blog candy?? Nothing as good as SEES tho.

I am going to try to go to the Bay area for TG and get me some Sees and some Casper Hot Dogs while we're there!

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

Hi sweetie! You are most welcome! I'm sorry I missed your birthday though. Wouldn't it have been funny if you had received the box of See's on the day your DH left you that empty one? lol!
((hugs)) Jane