Thursday, October 23, 2008

Packin' Heat

"Guess what I want for my birthday this year?" I asked DH with a huge smile and gleeful tone.

This could be a loaded question, so I notice DH treading lightly.

"What would that be?" he tentatively asks.

"A gun!" I exclaim.

"Excuse me?" He says, as if I have lost my mind. See, DH may be a military man, but he does not care for firearms in the house.

"I want a gun for scrapbooking! It is a tape gun, silly!" There! I sold it! He was expecting something like a Smith & Wesson and all I want is a 3M ATG knock-off, so I am surely going to get it now!

I have wanted this ATG for a while, but could not justify $50 for the gun. For some reason, I can spend $50 at the store in the blink of an eye, but I cannot do it for a tape dispenser! LOL

As the story goes, I was surfing SCS and found a thread about a different version of the ATG that was cheaper and worked just as well! Even the tape refills were cheaper ($1.50/roll for 36 yards!)! And...the best part...they ship to APO addresses! It was meant to be...

So, now I am the proud owner of a new tape gun! If anyone decides to break into my home and can get by my dogs, they better beware of my new gun!

If anyone wants the info on where I got my gun, check out The gun is the ATG-50 and the refills are ATG-7502. Free shipping for orders over $35!


fishlips said...

You do make me laugh each and everytime you post I get a smile on my face and this post really gave me a big I will share this one with my Daughter and my DH tomorrow maybe I will ask for a gun too... lololololol

theneon said...

Happy Birthday! Your DH sure knows what's best for you is best for him. LOL. You've been really busy blogging away since my last visit -- nice cards and nice job of shopping too! Martha Kay

Jen said...

OK, that is very cool!!

gale said...

Congrats on your new firearm! lol. Keep it loaded.

CathyRose said...

I just got mine in the mail today! I got the same one. I felt just like you, I just couldn't spend the higher amount. The price and the free shipping pushed me over the edge, so I am in the "Gun Club" too!

Sankari W. said...

Happy Bday and congratulations on your big adhesive gun!! You will have to post how you are liking it - always wanted to get one - but it seemed sooo big... keep us posted!!!

Becki B said...

Hey Mama Monkey, catching up on your blog. The GUN looks very ackward. Is it really easy to use? Do you like it? Enquiring minds want to know.