Saturday, August 9, 2008

Seeing Spots

The kids and I went to the Food Court for lunch today. As we walked in, the High School Cheer team had a table set up, as they were having a "bake sale". Technically it was not a sale, because they gave you baked goods for a "donation".

My kids immediately honed in on the table. The baked goods look so enticing...brownies, cookies, cupcakes with pretty sprinkles...a child's delight!

My oldest asked "Wow! How much does this cost?"

"We are just asking for donations" replied the pretty girl with her hair in a pony tail held high atop her head with a big green ribbon.

"We'll take a look after lunch" I said, as I drug the kids from the display of sugar.

My 6 year old spent the majority of lunch poking at her Subway sandwich. The other kids were practically done eating so, not being beyond bribery, I said "hurry up and eat so we can get some cookies from the table!"

"We get cookies and a dalmatian?" she asked.

That would be "donations" sweetie, not "dalmatians"....

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Julie said...

Kids say that darnest things don't they. :)